T h e M u s i c
D r i v e

Free yourself from admin
and get back to your music.

Independent music artists
are the fastest-growing segment in the music industry and they spend more than 50% of their time on management.

Who becomes a musician because they are passionate about admin? No one!

Management is:

  • Boring
  • Time-consuming
  • Too complex
  • A creative block

Faniak is the first solution to combine Google Drive or Dropbox type storage with smart folders that cut artists’ admin time by 60%.

Management made easy
with Smart Folders


Organize everything in smart folders that magically add metadata to your albums, songs, gigs, tours, and more.

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Connect to any booking distribution, publishing, promotion or sales service, instantly.

Request Early Access VALID UNTIL JANUARY 17th 2022

Create professional and highly customizable websites, press kits or other public pages, automatically.

Request Early Access VALID UNTIL JANUARY 17th 2022

Collaborate with your band, label, manager or anyone working on your career, anytime, anywhere.

Request Early Access VALID UNTIL JANUARY 17th 2022

+ 60%
free time to make great songs

How does it work

get started with three easy steps

  1. Use faniak like you use your desktop

    Drag and drop files and folders, right-click on your mouse to check your options and move things around as you wish.

  2. Send your work to the services you need

    Select an album or a song, choose the service you want to use, and we'll fill-in all the data and metadata blanks just like the auto-complete function on your phone.

  3. Invite your bandmates

    Your label, manager or anyone working with you can contribute with data and expertise. Fast sharing, big file uploads, accessible information to everyone and a lot less admin will make everyone happy.

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  • 10gb of free cloud storage
  • Unlimited smart folders
  • 25% off on any tier after launch
Matt Errington

“Faniak are working to help us make sense of our data streams and could be instrumental in supporting managers and freeing up some of their time, so it can be spent on revenue generating activities, and supporting the artists they work so diligently for.”

Matt Errington, Artist Manager

Merrington Music Management

Frequently asked questions

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