More money and free time for you

Your business control room

Manage your entire roster in one place


Get updates and insights
on your artists' careers and
you’ll save time and money
with data-driven decision making.


Make the most out of your roster’s data.
Past and present artists can be properly
cataloged and connected to the
rest of the music business.


Collect, organize and automate
your artists’ data with
collective rights societies and
translate your songs into earnings.


Don't lose track of your artists' gigs.
Manage their bookings and have all
the contents at hand to send to
clubs, festivals and promoters.


Save countless hours by having
your artists’ promotional
materials ready to be
sent to the relevant media


We understand the true value of
having good people around you.
We've created different clearance
levels so that everyone can help you
with your data management in a secure way.

“Faniak are working to help us make sense of our data streams and could be instrumental in supporting managers and freeing up some of their time, so it can be spent on revenue generating activities, and supporting the artists they work so diligently for.”
Matt Errington, Artist Manager

Merrington Music Management

Faniak’s Fortnightly Digest for Business-Savvy Musicians